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  • What is Permanent Welded Jewellery?
    Permanent Welded Jewellery is completely custom fit and personalised to you. It's made from fine Sterling Silver or 14 K Gold Filled chains and I use a micro-welder to join the two ends of your chain, omitting the need for clasps therefore creating a permanent, lightweight piece.
  • Does it hurt?
    Absolutely not! The welding process is so quick and only happens on the metal, your skin is also protected throughout.
  • What if my jewellery breaks?
    Whilst permanent jewellery can be very strong and last for years, it's still not 100% indestructible. We do still advise to take care of your new Jewellery, but in the case that your weld becomes compromised at any point, keep your chain safe and get in touch to arrange rewelding. If the chain is intact we can reweld for a £10 fee.
  • Can I remove the Welded Jewellery?
    Yes, after the weld is complete we will show you where to cut your chain incase you would like to remove it at some point. Keep a hold of it, as it can be rewelded for £10.
  • Will I need to remove my Permanent Jewellery at the airport?
    No, you dont't need to remove your Welded Jewellery.
  • How long will my Permanent Jewellery stay on for?
    Your pieces will stay on for as long as you'd like! If for some reason you would like to remove your jewellery, simply cut the chain and save it if you'd like me to re-weld it in the future.
  • Do you offer Gift Cards?
    Yes! Infact Permanent Jewellery makes the perfect gift for someone. You can purchase online or in store.
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